Short Biography

Carmen Warrington – short biography

Carmen Warrington is a peace communicator, whose speciality is the calming effect of soundwork. She was born in England and moved to Australia in the late sixties, where she became an actress after graduating from NIDA in 1982. Around this time she took up a meditation lifestyle, which continues to enrich her life and work.

She commenced work with her life-long collaborator David Jones in a variety of musical contexts, bringing her subtle, dynamic and enchanting songs and poetry to audiences in Australia, India and Japan.    In 2007 she and David released The Hour of Nectar – a CD of the sublimely calming music of Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls.

In the mid eighties, it became clear that she had what many describe as “the voice of peace”. She recorded a dozen guided meditation CDs which have helped thousands of people around the world reconnect with their inner peace and power.

In 2002, she turned her talents to writing, and is the best-selling author of two inspirational books, Today I will… and Who Am I?  In January 2016 her publisher Hachette Australia redesigned and released her first book Today I will…

In 2010, the ABC commissioned Carmen and David to create a series of guided meditation CDs, and so far they have released 8 CDs in their “Meditations for Life” series. In addition to writing, and speaking the meditations, Carmen also recorded, produced and sound-mixed the series in her home studio.

To describe Carmen’s artistry, David created the phrase “Soul Whisperer”, paying tribute to the effect of her voice and the wisdom with which she selects just the right words for each event.

Carmen also works as a funeral celebrant.  Inspired by her conversations with grieving families, she wrote a series of songs about angels, to convey the comfort and compassion which angels represent.  She crowdfunded the recording project and gratefully acknowledges the many supporters of the CD, and the gifted musicians who brought her songs to life. The CD titled Angel Songs was released in October 2013.